Christian Bueger

Call for Papers: Maritime Securityscapes, WISC Frankfurt 6-9.8.2014

logo-wiscThe maritime remains an unchartered space of international relations. The discipline of International Relations largely treats the maritime as an empty space that requires to be bridged without paying attention to what happens at sea. While the discourse on naval power has addressed the maritime as space of military action, this panel series intends to broaden our understanding of the oceans by studying it as a securityscape. The panel series invites contributions (paper, panel, or roundtable proposals) that study maritime security and ocean governance broadly understood. In what way is the maritime increasingly securitized? What are the larger consequences of security action at sea? How can maritime security challenges including, but not limited to, piracy, smuggling, migration and non-proliferation be governed? What regimes, institutions, projects or technologies are required to deal with maritime security?

The panel series is organized jointly by the Counter-Piracy Governance project at Cardiff University, the Maritime Security program of Coventry University, and by the Universität der Bundeswehr, Munich. All paper proposals should be accompanied by a brief author biography (2-3 sentences) and an institutional address and be emailed to Dr Christian Bueger at by no later than  25th of November. The World International Studies Committee Conference will take place between 6-9 August 2014 with decisions about submissions made by the conference organisers by February 2014. Further details can be found at:

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