Christian Bueger

Conference of the International Studies Association

From 28th to the 2nd of April I will be attending the annual conference of the International Studies Association, which is the major conference in the field of International Relations. This year the conference will be held in a hybrid format with a physical component in Nashville, U.S. and I will be attending in person.

I am involved in a range of panels as chair, presenter and discussant:

  • In “MVA24: Communities of Practice in World Politics: Advancing the Research Agenda” I will be presenting joint research with Maren Hofius and Scott Edwards on ocean governance and the interaction of communities of practice
  • At the panel “MVC15: Objects of Expertise: The Politics of Socio-Material Expert Knowledge in World Society”, I am presenting recent works on epistemic infrastructures and the making of objects.
  • In the roundtable “MVD28: Concept at Work: On the Linguistic Infrastructure of World Politics” we will be discussing the insights from our recent book on concepts, in which I have a chapter on the Blue Economy.
  • I am the discussant at a panel titled “WB24: Issues in Human and Environmental Security” which features an interesting set of paper on contemporary security politics.
  • At the Junior Scholar symposium “TD01-A: Diplomacy & IOs, I am one of the discussants.
  • In the roundtable “SA13: Beyond a terra-centric discipline: The return of the oceans in global politics” we are investigating why International Relations should pay more attention to the oceans and maritime space.
  • I am also chairing the panel “SB06: New Theoretical Perspectives on Great Power Politics II”.

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