Christian Bueger

In the field: visit to Nairobi

DSC_0689During a three day stay in Nairobi I had the opportunity to get new insights about the evolving future counter-piracy structure. I met with the UNODC’s Maritime Crime Programme to discuss their approach to capacity building and their new project of establishing a regional maritime crime forum that can potentially take over some of the coordinating work of the CGPCS. In a conversation with Alan Cole I discussed the lessons of the CGPCS. The conversation will be published on the website of the Lessons Learned Project. I also discussed with Prof. Paul Wambua, Assosciate Dean of the School of Law of the University of Nairobi, Kenya’s evolving maritime security policy and his forthcoming lessons learned paper on the role of Kenya in the Contact Group. At the offices of FAO Somalia I conversed with team members the evolving role  of FAO in counter-piracy, and their new advocacy and alternative livelihood projects, which promise to be one of the game changers in a long term preventive counter-piracy strategy.

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