Christian Bueger

International Studies Conference in Croatia

The main gathering of scholars in International Relations from Central and Eastern Europe takes place in Rijeka, Croatia this year. Organized in collaboration with the International Studies Association, the event features a large numbers of panels reflecting the breadth of the discipline.

During the event I will participate in a workshop on Ritual Theory, where I am presenting a new paper on multi-national military gatherings and exercises. This draws on my recent visits to several naval symposia and exercises in the last year.

Scholars from the University of Copenhagen at the conference, photo credit: Francesco Ragazzi.

I am also presenting a paper co-authored with Jan Stockbruegger which reflects on the importance of the oceans for international theory. Drawing on the idea that the oceans have been a prominent theme at several times in the discipline, we are argue against claims that the field is seablind.

I am also participating in a roundtable on infrastructure theorizing, and a celebratory panel that looks into the importance of the Journal of International Relations and Development. In addition I am chairing and discussing at panels on knowledge production and expertise.

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