Christian Bueger

ISA Conference in Baltimore

From the 20th to 25th I will be attending the annual convention of the International Studies Association, Baltimore, US. The program kicks off with our next workshop of the Conceptualizing International Practices project. Over the next days I am scheduled to present or attend the following panels and events: 


1:45-3:30 PM WC02: International Change In/Through Practice
Holiday 5, Hilton Baltimore
4:00-5:45 WD76: Strategic Studies and Social Theory: Changes and Exchanges
Chase, Hilton Baltimore


8:15-10:00 AM TA01: Critical Methods Cafe
Holiday 6, Hilton Baltimore
12:30-1:30 PM European Journal of International Security (EJIS) Editors Meeting
Calloway A, Hilton Baltimore
4:00-5:45 TD27: New Directions in Ocean Governance
325, Baltimore Convention Center
7:00-8:00 EJIS Reception
Blake, Hilton Baltimore
7:30-8:30 IPS and Stair Reception
Peale A, Hilton Baltimore
7:30-8:30 Bridging the Gap Reception
Stadium 4, Marriott Inner Harbor


8:15-10:00 FA02: Analyzing Change in World Politics
Holiday 5, Hilton Baltimore
10:30-12:15 FB55: The effects of representations: The role of practices, technology, and artifacts in creating IR phenomena
Pickersgill, Hilton Baltimore
1:45 PM- 3:30 FC02: Future of Liberal World Order
Holiday 5, Hilton Baltimore
7:30-8:30 International Ethics Section (IETHICS) and Theory Section (THEORY) Joint Distinguished Scholars Reception, Honoring James Turner Johnson (IETHICS) and William E. Connolly (THEORY)
Peale A, Hilton Baltimore


8:15-10:00 SA27: European Diplomatic Practices: Contemporary Challenges and Innovative Approaches
325, Baltimore Convention Center
2:30-3:30 ISA Committee on the Rosenau Post-Doc
Hospitality Suite 1467, Hilton Baltimore

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