Christian Bueger

Joint EISA Workshops in Izmir

The European International Studies Association (EISA) the successor of the Standing Group of International Relation (SGIR) of the ECPR has a new meeting format: joint workshops that take place in one location. This year’s is the second installment and takes place in Izmir, Turkey. At the event we have organized a workshop that discusses how approaches from sociology of science can shed new light on international relations problems and the discipline. The workshop is titled “Practices of Knowledge-Generation and Mobilization in International Relations” and jointly organized with Gerard van der Ree (Utrecht University) and Félix Grenier (University of Ottawa). I am attending from the 22nd of May and will be presenting two papers, one is the forthcoming paper on epistemic practices and the translation of piracy, the other one the paper co-authored with Felix Bethke, that investigates in how far IR is a discipline driven by “fashions” rather than rational progress. A detailed description of the workshop is available here.

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