Christian Bueger

Meeting of the European community of international relations scholars in Potsdam, Germany

The annual gathering of the community of scholars within the European International Studies Association is taking place in Potsdam this year from the 6th to 9th of September.

At the conference I am participating in a range of discussions presenting new drafts and reflecting on some older work.

I am presenting two new drafts. One is a methodological reflection on how practice theoretical scholarship can intervene in practice developing a framework centered around practical resonance and the making of epistemic objects. The other one is a co-authored draft together with Anders Wivel that continues our work on the agency of islands. We develop a pragmatist realist framework and study the case of Solomon Islands. We argue that the small island state has advanced a new foreign policy style that we describe as sneaky foreign policy. Get in touch if you want to read any of these new drafts.

Three roundtables provide space to reflect on prior work, specifically on questions of knowledge production and expertise, as well as on the role of objects in global politics.

To add some fun to the mix, we are also discussing the contributions that the cartoon series Asterix can make to the understanding of global politics.

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