Christian Bueger

New Article Published: Africa’s Maritime Security Regime

uafs20.v006.i03-04.coverMaritime security has been a long-neglected issue on the African security agenda. This situation is changing incrementally, not the least because of the attention to the problem of piracy in the continent’s waters. The “piracy momentum” has led to a significant intensification of maritime security cooperation. This article analyzes current processes, strategies, and institutional responses to maritime security challenges. Drawing on a practice-theoretical constructivist reading of regimes, the article investigates how continental actors interact, develop a common repertoire, and engage in joint enterprises to address maritime security challenges. It argues that several nascent transnational collectives are developing that can be interpreted as providing the nucleus of maritime security communities. It is one of the first articles analyzing African maritime security from a theoretically informed perspective. It is available as Open Access with the Journal African Security. 

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