Christian Bueger

Day 3 of CGPCS Counter-Piracy week

DSC_0431The third day of the CGPCS counter-piracy week saw the first meeting of the new working group on coordination at sea, and the 17th plenary was held. The working group meeting co-chaired by the United Arab Emirates, the Seychelles and Japan focussed on improvements in Maritime Domain Awareness and the current situation at sea. Russia and India gave updates on their counter-piracy operations. The following plenary kicked off with updates from the Federal Government of Somalia, SHADE and EUCAP Nestor. It continued with presentations from the Trust Fund, and the Norwegian Ship Owners Association.
In the meeting I had the opportunity to address the plenary and provide the CGPCS participants with an update on the Lessons Learned Project. I outlined the core functions of the CGPCS and what they imply for the future of the CGPCS and its replicability in other areas of global governance. The transcript of my presentation is available here.
The day continued with two readings of the communique, statements of delegations, the announcement of a new trust fund for the survivors of piracy and their family and the final adoption of the communique.

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