Christian Bueger

Talk at German Institute for the Protection of Maritime Infrastructures

Germany’s Institute for the Protection of Maritime Infrastructures is a leading institution developing novel technology for the protection of infrastructures at sea. The institute is part of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and located in the old fishing port of Bremerhaven.

On April, 18th I had the pleasure to visit the institute and get an introduction to the technologies developed, including novel sensors and cyber solutions. I also gave a talk introducing the staff members to our understanding of the agenda of Critical Maritime Infrastructure Protection (CMIP) and how it revises the concerns of maritime security and ocean governance more broadly.

The EU’s regional seas – event in Brussels

What are the challenges that the European Union’s maritime security policies need to address in different regional seas? This was the overarching question of a one day seminar held at the Royal Higher Institute for Defence and organized as part of the Belgian presidency of the European Council.

The event titled Enhancing Maritime Security at the Edges of Europe focused on four regionals seas: The North Sea, the Mediterranean, the Black Sea, and the Gulf of Guinea.

Panelists at Brussels event. Photo: Chris Trelawny.

In my talk, I firstly introduced a couple of general observations about maritime security from our book Understanding Maritime Security, firstly stressing the importance of maritime security as a connector, and secondly emphasizing the importance of thinking maritime security in 6D.

I then argued that we have to start thinking about regional seas as dense infrastructure spaces which are highly industrialized. In such environments the key problem is not necessarily freedom of navigation or territorial control, but caring for, protecting, and safeguarding critical maritime infrastructures, including shipping lanes, energy platforms, pipelines and cables.

New article on critical maritime infrastructure protection

Critical maritime infrastructure protection (CMIP) is since the Nord Stream attacks in the Baltic Sea of 2022 a political priority. What are maritime infrastructures, what threats and risks are they facing, and how can they be best protected? These are the questions we address in a new article now out as open access with Marine Policy.