Christian Bueger

Current situation in the Red Sea – media interviews

With intensifying attacks on shipping by the Houthis operating from Yemen, the Red Sea crisis is getting more and more dramatic. One ship has sunk. Before that it’s anchor cut a series of subsea data cables. Now it is expected to lead to an environmental crisis. The first seafarers have died in attacks.

Several naval operations, including task forces led by the United States under the Combined Maritime Forces construct, and the European Union, India and China, have not yet found a way of how the protect shipping and prevent that more ships sink, cables get damaged, and seafarers die.

In the Shadows of the Houthi crisis, also the pirates of Somalia have made a return. A second merchant vessel was taken and is held hostage for ransom.

Speaking to Al Jazeera on attacks in the Red Sea, 12.3.2024

Drawing on decades of studying the region’s maritime security situation and our new book Understanding Maritime Security written with Tim Edmunds (Oxford University Press), I have written a series of commentaries, and also spoke to Der Spiegel (on cables), to Al Jazeera (on Houthi attacks), to Monocle Radio (on EU mission). Find links to the stories and interviews here.